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We select and train the best professional translators in the world, supporting them with cutting-edge technologies to help thousands of clients in all industries

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We make your products accessible to anyone
Localization is the process of adapting a product to meet the needs (especially linguistic and cultural) of a given place or market (LISA, Localization Industry Standards Association).

Gettranslation works with almost all hardware and software platforms on the market. It also develops filters for extracting and re-inserting texts for proprietary environments, preferring open technologies such as XML and UNICODE.

The strengths of our localization process are:
  • Tested and reproducible methodologies
  • Extraction of terminology and style from your existing documentation
  • Translation in environments which include spell checkers, translation memories, and terminology management
  • Total compliance with international standards and industry terminology
  • In-house product testing
  • Experience with millions of localized words, for major software producers
We can test and fine-tune your software
A challenge when testing software is that each language is meant for users from different cultures. Aspects such as text direction, measurements, and currency must therefore be considered, and your software’s sentences must be specifically adapted to the local cultural context, guaranteeing that the translation is accurate and understandable in the target country: a genuine localization process.
We can test your localized software, taking care of test environment setup, test case design, test execution, and fine-tuning translations.
We proudly serve thousands of clients worldwide, including young innovative startups and large global enterprises from varying industries. We have optimized our processes to meet their unique needs, adapting from small, on-demand tasks to high-touch, fully managed solutions.
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We have delivered millions of translations in 195 languages to thousands of clients in 40 macro-domains, powering the globalization strategy of the most demanding clients.
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We work hard to make translation services more effective, by enhancing our production processes with great technologies and talented people.
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One Step Ahead
We offer a wide range of linguistic services that cover all your
future needs: Google Ads translation, software localization, subtitling, and APIs to integrate human translation anywhere you need.
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Translation APIs for continuous localization, advanced repetition leveraging, content extraction from 71 file formats and 21 content sources, neural adaptive machine translation, and much more.
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