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Why Gettranslation?

Gettranslation offers website translation services in more than 100 languages through a network of thousands of vetted native-speaking professional translators from around the world.

To ensure the use of appropriate terminology, translators are selected according to your website, let it be cosmetic, mechanical, or legal. In addition, they live in the country the website targets: in this way they have a unique sensitivity to the local cultural context and can perfectly adapt the parts of your website that require genuine localization.

We create a translation memory for each project so that when you update your website, you only pay for new parts of it.

How it works
1. Choose languages and markets

In which countries and which languages will you advertise your products? Identify the most appropriate market-language combination for your investment, taking into account the customer base and online sales potential.

2. Prepare your Google Ads material for translation

Basic mode: send us a simple Word or Excel document containing the campaign to translate or give us access to your AdWord panel by adding a new temporary user. Please do not forget to organize your file in ad groups in order to help our translators understand the campaign structure.

Expert mode: download AdWords Editor, the free Google application for managing AdWords campaigns, in order to generate an .aea file. With its clear and friendly interface, it takes about 5 minutes to open your AdWords account in the editor, download the campaign you want to localize, and export the backup in .aea format.

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We have delivered millions of translations in 195 languages to thousands of clients in 40 macro-domains, powering the globalization strategy of the most demanding clients.
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We work hard to make translation services more effective, by enhancing our production processes with great technologies and talented people.
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We offer a wide range of linguistic services that cover all your
future needs: Google Ads translation, software localization, subtitling, and APIs to integrate human translation anywhere you need.
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Translation APIs for continuous localization, advanced repetition leveraging, content extraction from 71 file formats and 21 content sources, neural adaptive machine translation, and much more.
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